Lynnwood Library WA

Lynnwood Library, WA

You’ve likely passed by the Lynnwood Library at 19200 44th Ave W in Lynnwood, WA – an unassuming building, yet a pillar of the community. Inside, it’s more than just shelves of books; it’s a hub for local events, educational programs, and a variety of resources. But did you know about the library’s ambitious plans […]

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Wilcox Park

Wilcox Park, WA

You’ve probably strolled through Wilcox Park, situated at 5215 196th St SW Lynnwood WA 98036, at some point or another. It’s been a local retreat since the 1960s, boasting a fascinating history and an abundance of amenities. Have you ever wondered about the man it’s named after, Mayor Bert Wilcox? Or perhaps you’re curious about

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Lynnwood Ice Center, WA - Learn ice hockey

Lynnwood Ice Center, WA

You’ve probably heard about the Lynnwood Ice Center, right? Situated at 19803 68th Ave W Lynnwood WA 98036, it’s a mecca for ice skating buffs of every caliber. With a full-scale rink, a snack bar to satisfy your cravings, and a pro shop for all your gear needs, it’s a haven for anyone with a

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Lynnwood Golf Course, WA - close up image of a golf ball

Lynnwood Golf Course, WA

Did you know that the Lynnwood Golf Course, snugly positioned at 20200 68th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036, is a popular destination that attracts over 40,000 golfers annually? You’ll find a meticulously maintained 18-hole course that caters to both beginners and seasoned players. The course’s unique design offers a blend of challenge and charm, each

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AMC Alderwood Mall, WA

You’ve probably been to a fair share of movie theaters, but have you considered what makes AMC Alderwood Mall 16 stand out from the rest? Nestled in Lynnwood, WA, this cinematic gem isn’t just about showing the latest flicks.  It’s about crafting an experience – from the gourmet snacks and craft beers at the concession

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Lynnwood Bowl Skate, WA - bowling pins

Lynnwood Bowl and Skate, WA

You’ve probably heard about Lynnwood Bowl and Skate, located at 6210 200th St SW Lynnwood WA 98036, haven’t you? It’s more than just a local entertainment spot; it’s a beacon of the community that’s been around since 1956. It’s got a 24-lane bowling alley, a hardwood skating rink, an arcade, and even a pro shop.

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Scriber Lake Park, WA

Scriber Lake Park, WA

You’ve probably passed by Scriber Lake Park, nestled at 5601 198th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036, but have you taken the time to truly experience it? This serene escape boasts a diverse range of wildlife and recreational activities, from peaceful walks to birdwatching. And let’s not forget the seasonal events that bring the park to

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Meadowdale Playfields, WA - binoculars and a bird identification guide

Meadowdale Playfields, WA

Like a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Lynnwood, Meadowdale Playfields at 16700 66th Ave W offers a unique blend of relaxation and recreation. You’ll find well-preserved nature trails for those serene walks, and top-notch sports facilities if you’re in the mood for a game.  There’s something for everyone, from dedicated play areas for

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Alderwood Mall WA

Alderwood Mall, WA

You’ve likely heard of Alderwood Mall at 3000 184th St SW Lynnwood WA 98037, but have you ever truly experienced all it has to offer? Sure, it’s got a vast array of retail stores from high-end to budget-friendly, and dining options that satisfy every palate. But did you know about its entertainment venues that can

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lynnwood transit center wa

Lynnwood Transit Center, WA

You’re probably aware of the Lynnwood Transit Center at 20100 48th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036 – a pivotal point in the city’s transport network. It’s got everything you’d expect – local and regional bus services, bike lockers, park & ride facilities, even real-time transit info. But have you ever thought about its role in

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